From 2001-2006 the SFPC collaborated with City Lights Books on a series of provocative, storefront banners. The four-part series claimed public space for meaningful expression as an alternative to the advertising and propaganda that usually bombard us from all sides.

The work was intended to encourage dissent in the post-9/11 era while providing commentary on current events, government misinformation and the corporate media.

An experimental hybrid of posters and murals, the banners were aimed at San Francisco’s international visitors in order to stimulate dialogue, reflection and debate beyond the US.

Tyranny cuts off the singer’s head / But the voice from the bottom of the well / Returns to the secret springs of the earth / And rises out of nowhere / Through the mouths of the people.

Poem by Pablo Neruda. Translated by Alistair Reid.

Two plus two is five. The Earth is flat. God is on our side. War will make us safe. Mission accomplished.