6:30PM, Friday July 22, 2016

Clarion Alley, near Valencia and 17th St. in San Francisco

The SFPC and the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) have teamed up for a collaborative mural to be unveiled on July 22nd. The event is timed with WRAP’s annual membership conference which will bring together national homeless activists for two days of strategizing and organizing. Come join us as we party along with our friends at Hospitality House in celebration of both of our powerful and beautiful murals.

WRAP was founded in 2005 by social justice groups across the West Coast to eliminate the root causes of homelessness and poverty, protect human rights and restore federal funding for affordable housing.

Produced with input from WRAP members in Portland, Los Angeles, Oakland, Denver, Berkeley, Sacramento and San Francisco, the SFPC mural brings the slogan - House Keys not Handcuffs - to life through pictures. WRAP members directed the overall theme while painting was done locally by the SFPC, printmaker Art Hazelwood, SF Art Institute student Michelle Williams and many community volunteers.

As a symbol of homelessness, the mural’s main figure is a woman who holds house keys and handcuffs in opposite hands, offering a choice to the person looking at the mural. We can support inequality and repression or we can fight for affordable housing and social justice. She looks to the future with a baby slung from her shoulders while masses of protestors move from nearby streets into the woman's body. The woman's arms reach across two sides of the mural, one half with today's violent reality while the other has the future we want to build.

All of the murals in Clarion Alley are curated by the SFPC's partner organization the Clarion Alley Mural Project (CAMP). Created in 1992, CAMP has produced over 700 murals on and around Clarion Alley with an emphasis on emerging artists, new styles and social justice. They also organized the Labor Temple Project in the lobby of the Redstone Building at 16th and Capp and coordinated an impressive artist exchange project with Apotik Komikof from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Since 2004 the SFPC has curated one space in the alley, producing work in collaboration with local anti-poverty activists organizing around issues such as immigration raids, gentrification, homelessness and Indian treaty rights.

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