The SFPC is a printmaking collective that uses graphic art to support social justice organizing.  The SFPC started in February of the year 2000 when a group of silkscreen artists met at Mission Grafica, a community-based, non-profit printshop.  We came together to make posters collectively, and our first campaign addressed the impact of gentrification in the Mission District. After our first project we joined an anti-displacement coalition and built close ties to housing groups who serve low-income, immigrant communities.

Taking inspiration from the Chicano Poster Movement and San Francisco's rich history of political graphics, we make public art to challenge the mass media and broadcast our messages directly to the streets.  Our work is anonymous, dedicated to community empowerment instead of individual, artistic success.  Our politics are internationalist, but our focus is on local issues, such as housing and homelessness, that affect people's daily lives.  We believe political power comes from the grassroots through direct action, and we see elections as a potential tactic to defend our rights.  We want direct, democratic control for our communities, and we envision a future without capitalism where human needs come before corporate greed.